O2Ring Oximeter Continuous Oxygen Monitor


  • Overnight Tracking – Track The Trends of Your Overnight Oxygen Levels & Heart Rate
  • Built-in Memory – Work Independently or Together with app
  • Seamless Share on Sleep Analysis – Share PDF/CSV Analysis & Trend Chart Unlimitedly
  • Built-in Silent Vibrator – Adjustable Vibration Alert When Abnormal Body Index Is Detected
  • Proven-Accuracy – More Sensitive on Your Body Index and More Accurate Across All Finger Size
  • Long Battery Life – Rechargeable Battery, Lasts 12-16 Hours
  • Comfortable Wearing – Weighs Only 15 grams. Completely Free Your Finger
  • Multi-User Management – Support multiple information up to 10 members. The health condition of your whole family is at your fingertips.

Track Your Oxygen Level Every Second

Wearing the O2 ring, it will automatically start to track your overnight blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate and body movement continuously.

Real-Time Data Management

Built in memory, works stand-alone, your information is always a quick glance away with a larger display. O2Ring stores 4 groups of 10-hour data. When the device is connected to the APP via Bluetooth, the data will be uploaded automatically.

The Ability to Prompt for A Better O2

Up to 16 hours of continuous night monitoring, vibration prompt when O2 level or heart rate exceeds the preset threshold. Keep you aware of your sleep patterns and take control of your night.

Detailed PC Sleep Report Analysis

Free PC software provides graphic sleep O2, PR reports and trends of data. Your sleep report shows the statistics of oxygen levels and pulse rates, making it an excellent reference for the home sleep study. You can easily print/email to share PDF/SCV format personal overnight oximetry reports with your sleep specialist.

*Support on Windows & MacOS.

Transmissive Pulse Oximetry

Wellue O2Ring uses intelligent SOC chip, combined with anti-interference filtering technology. Its accuracy is within 2%, the calibration ranges from SpO2 70-99%, Pulse Rate 30- 250 bpm,SpO2 Accuracy 80%-99%: ±2%, 70%-79%: ±3% ; Pulse Rate Accuracy ±2bpm or ±2%.

Upgrade Multi-User Management

The updated app adds the function of multi-user data storage and management. Each account could support mutiple information up to 10 members, the health condition of the whole family is at your fingertips.

Disclaimer: All prices quoted are in USD

30-Night Replacement Mask Guarantee

Finding the perfect mask is sometimes difficult when just getting started with cpap therapy. That’s why we’ve taken the hassle out of it by offering our clients a no hassle 30 day replacement mask guarantee. Get started today to the road of better sleep and a better life.