AirBP Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Medically-accurate sphygmomanometer, meet both US and European standards.
  • Portable, lighter than iPhone X.
  • With preformed blood pressure cuff, easier and more comfortable to use.
  • Wide range BP cuff, fits small, standard and large adult upper arms.
  • Professional, not only measure systolic pressure, pulse rate, but also pulse waveform, mean arterial pressure and pulse pressure that usually measured in hospital.
  • Long-term trends trackable in your smartphone.
  • Support multi-user, support unlimited users with no extra charge, now a BP monitor for your whole family.
  • USB rechargeable, one charge for one year using.
  • Apple Health integrated, AirBP™ App works with Apple Health for easy management.
  • Also sold as an accessory of Wellue Checkme™ Pro & Checkme™ Suit.

Disclaimer: All prices quoted are in USD

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