Checkme™ O2 Wrist Oxygen Monitor

  • Tracks your blood oxygen saturation level, heart rate, and body movements every second automatically with great accuracy.
  • Record and store long-term data trends on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop without additional fees.
  • Print & share two-second interval, high-resolution PDF/CVS format oximetry reports.
  • The soft silicone sensor makes Checkme™ O2 comfortable to wear overnight.
  • Rechargeable via USB cable, 72 hours extra-long battery life.

Key Benefits Of Checkme™ O2

  • Overnight Tracking – Continuous Track and record oxygen levels & pulse rates.
  • Built-in Memory – Works independently or together with app.
  • Free iOS & Android APP – View your overnight reports on smartphone.
  • Shareable Sleep Report – Share sleep analysis easily.
  • 72-Hours Extra-Long Battery – 2.5 hours charging time