Now you can help prevent deaths and relieve your patient’s health conditions by simply prescribing a home sleep test.

Testing and treating sleep apnea is now simple and affordable. ISD offers the necessary equipment for those patients needing CPAP treatment. Better yet, our products and services are covered by most health insurance providers.

  • Prescribe patients a simple home sleep test, to assess any sleep problems leading to sleep deprivation contributing to poor health.
  • Keep them in check by scheduling periodical appointments.
  • Give your patients the ability to improve their health and quality of life!

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Did you know?

Sleep Apnea affects 1 in 5 people and is one of the most undiagnosed medical conditions affecting nearly 1 billion people Worldwide and is estimated that more than 2 million+ people suffer from a sleeping disorder in the Caribbean Islands. Sleep Apnea is a very serious condition when breathing starts and stops repeatedly reducing the amount of oxygen to the heart, brain and vital organs during sleep. Most sufferers of Sleep Apnea tend to snore loudly and may feel tired even after a full nights rest, increasing their risk of Motor Vehicle Accidents and Workplace Injury.

There is a solution for Sleep Apnea!

Based on the severity of Sleep Apnea, it can be treated in a number of ways. We invite you to visit our Sleep Apnea Basics section where you can find a lot of educational content. Sleep Apnea Basics