Your Best Sleep During This Holiday Season

The key to surviving the holidays without becoming exhausted and run down is following some general sleep rules of thumb. These tips are not only beneficial during this added stress, but all year long!


Routine Is Key

It’s not always easy to stick with the same sleep schedule, but it is important. Your body needs time in order for your mind and soul both to have enough rest so they can function at their best levels! Try going to bed later some nights or waking up earlier if necessary- just make sure that every day starts out on track by getting those zzz’s around noon most days of the week.


Alcohol In Moderation

Every year, millions of people drink alcohol during the holidays and also, to help them fall asleep. The problem is that when you consume this depressant before bedtime and it metabolizes into a habit-forming chemical in your body’s organs (including your brain), then not only can non-REM sleep become reduced but the overall amount will go down as well! Be careful about overindulging during the holiday season – specifically closer toward evening time or later hours on Christmas Day/New Year’s Eve so as long as there isn’t anything else major causing disruptions like pain medication side effects from surgery etc., then one night without drinking might suffice just fine especially if they’ve been nursing their cocktail all afternoon instead of making sensible decisions regarding what should happen.


Make your home environment your sanctuary:

Creating a relaxing, peaceful environment will contribute to better sleep. Your bedroom should have a low noise level and be dark enough for you to fall asleep easily with the lights out or curtains were drawn tight shutters on any window so it’s almost impossible for light from outside distractions to seep in as well. Closing blinds helps too! Furnishing your bed with comfortable pillows and sheets sets up an ambience conducive towards relaxation before sleep while setting the thermostat at the perfect temperature is necessary since we want our bodies’ circadian rhythms (our natural body clocks) timed correctly when they’re ready after waking during daylight.


No caffeine close to bedtime

Caffeine, rich foods and late-night indulgences can make it hard to fall asleep. What you put in your body while sleeping matters even more than how much time has passed since dinner ended! This is because eating or drinking anything close to bedtime will cause other issues such as heartburn that could affect one’s sleep pattern; not just weight gain due to an excessive intake at meal times but also coughing attacks from asthma when consumed too early in the day which may result from allergens being ingested by inhalation during digestion processes – making these things worse before getting under covers for some shut-eye.


Stick to your exercise routine

The holidays are a stressful time of year, so it’s important to take care not only of yourself but also those around you. Staying active and exercising regularly can help reduce the stress that comes with being responsible for others during this season! Try going easy on your body after Midnight Mass or taking some extra rest time in between cooking meals because these will be great ways towards improving both sleep quality as well as overall healthiness.