The NightOwl Disposable Sleep Testing Device

NightOwl testing device


  • NightOwl testing device is a diagnostic tool for OSA based on peripheral arterial tonometry and comes with a small sensor and a cloud-based analytics platform software.
  • NightOwl’s benefits include self-applicability, miniature design, durable battery, multi-night evaluation, disposable-nature, and absence of probes.
  • Steps to use NightOwl include test creation, patient activation, test completion, and sleep data scoring.
  • NightOwl is reliable to use due to its cloud-based data processing feature, and its effectiveness is comparable to standard in-lab tests.
  • ISD Health Solutions offers this convenient, FDA approved, and affordable test.

The first recommendation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) that both polysomnography (PSG) and home sleep apnea testing (HSAT) are suitable for the diagnosis of sleep apnea in adult patients was given in March 2017. [1]

Soon after, a study carried out a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of HSAT devices for diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It was concluded that testing devices that evaluate alteration in peripheral arterial tone (PAT) when coupled with actigraphy and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) are appropriate for detecting OSA in patients at risk. [2]

NightOwl testing device is a similar diagnostic tool for OSA that takes measurements based on peripheral arterial tonometry. This device system comes with a small sensor and a cloud-based analytics platform. The NightOwl sensor is placed on the patient’s fingertip, while the cloud-based analytics software runs in the background.

Benefits Of NightOwl Testing Device

  1. Self-Applicable. Its easy-to-use design enables NightOwl to be self-applied by the patient. The patient can initiate the testing by wearing the sensor on the fingertip with the help of an adhesive patch.
  2. Miniature Design. NightOwl system design is miniaturized for detecting OSA. Neither does it require a specified finger probe to collect an adequate signal reading, nor does it need a separate wrist-worn component containing the processing unit and battery.
  3. Durable Battery Time. NightOwl sensor battery is long-lasting, and the device can work for about three nights without needing a recharge.
  4. No More Probes Needed. NightOwl HTD makes use of the peripheral arterial tone measurement devoid of single-use pneumo-optic probes, eliminating the need for a probe.
  5. Multi-Night Evaluation. This device allows capturing the variability of sleep apnea between nights to reach an appropriate diagnosis.
  6. Fully Disposable. NightOwl device is disposable and can carry out tests in sleep apnea suspected patients for up to 12 nights with a single device. It also eliminates the risk of contamination, thus, preventing the risk of COVID-19 spread.
  7. Auto-Scored Analysis. NightOwl’s sensor obtains reflectance-based photoplethysmography (PPG) signals and data from the accelerometer. The software derives:
    1. SpO2, PAT, and pulse rate and,
    2. Actigraphy from these, respectively. [3, 4]

How Does It Work?

The easy to use steps make NightOwl a versatile and promising device for home testing of sleep apnea. The steps include:

  1. Test Creation. NightOwl’s cloud-based portal allows convenient test creation. It’s as simple as entering the email of the patient.
  2. Profile Activation. Next, an email is sent to the patient with a link to download NightOwl’s companion app without the need for a code entry.
  3. Test Completion. Once the companion app is downloaded, patients will find instruction videos for guidance through the testing protocol. In case of a failed test, the patient is directed on how to perform it better and carry out the test automatically. [3]

Sleep Data Scoring

NightOwl’s sensor data algorithm allows cloud-based processing of the collected data, then, transmitted to the patient’s smartphone through Bluetooth after each night’s testing.

How Reliable Is NightOwl Testing?

Rapid alteration in blood oxygen level while a person is asleep is considered one of the most accurate sleep apnea indicators. This is where NightOwl’s HTD comes in handy, as it accurately measures oxygen saturation (SpO2), among various other parameters. NightOwl’s cloud-based processing of the collected data gives the HTD its sleep lab accuracy.

NightOwl’s hardware designer, Wout Geeurickx, claims that it is as effective as some other standard lab-based heavy equipment for sleep apnea testing. [5]

ISD Health’s Disposal Test

NightOwl disposable home testing device is approved by both FDA and CE for use at home sleep testing. ISD Health Solutions offers this convenient and affordable test. It facilitates the prompt diagnosis of sleep apnea for quick management and prevention of the associated complications over time.


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