6 Facts about Sleep when in a Relationship

Facts about Sleep

1 – Only about 80% of couples sleep in the same bed. 

Many couples do not sleep in the same bed for many reasons! These may include sleep disorders or snoring, differing work and sleep schedules or disagreement with what the perfect mattress should be! But if snoring or sleep disorders are that reason for you, there is a solution! Get you or your loved one tested today at iSD Health Solutions and learn your Sleep Risk Score Today and Facts about Sleep.

2 – More persons sleep better together than apart. 

Despite not all couples sharing a bed, many people report sleeping better with their partner at their side, than without – sleep disruptions, or not. Sleep researchers have concluded that this is due to the endorphins that are released thanks to cuddling; outweighing the annoyances of snoring, tossing and turning, or any other disturbances that might occur when sleeping with your partner.

3 – Having a TV in the bedroom = less intimacy and sleep. 

One Italian study discovered that couples that keep a television in their room have half as much sex as those without one. It is also important to note that the disturbances from a TV in a room (lighting and sound) can also affect someone’s sleep. Switch off the TV and turn on the connection with your partner – Not just on Valentine’s Day!

4 – Sleep Apnea treatment can improve your relationship.

Night-time disturbances can not only mean less sleep, but it can also cause both partners to have less than ideal days, resulting in more arguments and less overall happiness. Sleep studies have shown that if one partner is suffering from sleep apnea (one of the most common and treatable sleep disorders) and they seek treatment, it leads to higher levels of satisfaction for both parties. That’s a win-win!

5 – Lack of sleep can lead to less passion. 

In a poll by the National Sleep Foundation, it was reported that almost 30% of couples surveyed were so tired from lack of quality sleep that they lost their sex drive. Yikes, this is not good! Making sleep a priority not only boosts your energy during the day, but it helps you to stay connected with your partner.

6 – Chocolate can cause sleep disturbances. 

If you’re one of the many of us that plan to romance your honey with something sweet this Valentine’s Day, you want to make sure that it’s not going to keep them from getting the rest that they need and deserve. When it comes to blissful bedtimes, not all chocolate is created equal! The milk variety seems your best bet as it packs less of a stimulating punch. Hershey’s reports that its milk chocolate bar contains a mere 9 mg of caffeine, which is less than you’ll find in decaf coffee. While their dark chocolate bar holds 30 mg of the stimulant – more than a cup of brewed tea.

And now you have some interesting Facts about Sleep to discuss with your Valentine, Enjoy your sweet dreams with your loved one!