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The Night Owl device is the smallest and most innovative technology in the world to diagnose Sleep Apnea in the comforts of your our bed. It records your Oxygen levels and Heart rate throughout your sleep process to provide a detail understanding of your risk and severity of Sleep Apnea. Sleep data captured is sent through our smart phone app technology for quick and accurate results.

ISD Signature services included
1 × NightOwl Sleep Test
1 × Certified Healthcare Professional Consultation


Here is how it works...

A complete at-home testing solution!

Take an online sleep assessment.

If you haven't already done so, fill out our Free Sleep Risk Assessment to determine if an at-home Sleep Test will best suit your needs.

Take Sleep Risk Assessment

Purchase your at-home sleep study

Using our secure website, purchase the at-home Sleep Apnea test. Our dedicated ISD Sleep Coach is available to ensure that you get through the entire process quickly and efficiently.

Take the Sleep Test at home.

Since our testing device is disposable, once you've taken the test, your information will be processed by our partners and we will produce and email you a Sleep Apnea Report.

Included ISD Signature Service

Online Consultation to understand report and next steps

With your Sleep report on hand we will schedule our last online consultation to go over the results of your report and discuss possible next steps and suggested therapy.


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Home Sleep Apnea Test FAQs

Is the in-home sleep apnea test covered by insurance?

Yes, the in-home sleep apnea test is FDA approved and covered by most major insurance companies who acknowledge the severity of 43 million undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea sufferers. In fact, most insurers prefer and are switching to the more affordable in-home sleep testing (HST) versus the inconvenient and costly in-lab sleep study alternative.

How do I submit an insurance claim for the in-home sleep apnea test?

It’s simple. Occasionally, our customers request information about submitting a health insurance claim for the in-home sleep apnea test. For more information on how to file an insurance claim on your own behalf, please visit the insurance help section.

How much does the in-home sleep apnea test cost? Is it affordable?

Yes, we’ve made the in-home sleep apnea test very affordable at 4,500.00 TTD. We believe you can’t afford to know the truth about your health because knowing could change your life forever! Moreover, this belief is shared by most insurance companies who cover up to 75% of the cost. Finally, if you test positive for sleep apnea and receive CPAP treatment from ISD Health Solutions.

How does the process work?
  • Step 1. You’ll speak with a sleep specialist and if an in-home sleep apnea test is right for you then we’ll ship the sleep test kit to your home, you’ll wear it overnight, and return it in a prepaid shipping box.
  • Step 2. We will review your test results and upload a detailed report with a letter of explanation to a secure web portal for convenient access by you, your physician or whoever has permission.
  • Step 3. If you don’t have sleep apnea than that’s great news! But, if you’re diagnosed with sleep apnea then we can help. We’ll handle all the details to ensure you get the right equipment and care for maximum treatment benefit.
Who should have an in-home sleep test?

An in-home sleep apnea test is intended for an individual between 18 and 65 years of age who have a moderate to severe suspicion of sleep apnea based on key risk factors such as loud and frequent snoring, daytime sleepiness, obesity, and witnessed pauses in breathing during sleep combined with how one answers question in a sleep risk assessment

What exactly will the sleep test results show?

While you sleep, the home sleep testing device monitors and records complete suspension or shallow breathing known as Apneas and Hypopneas. At the same time, it records your pulse rate and level of oxygen in your blood. The changes in pulse rate and blood oxygen levels, to some degree, are a measure of how much stress each of these abnormal breathing events causes to your body. Ultimately, the test will calculate an AHI score which is your personal sleep apnea risk assessment ranging from normal to severe

Will my records be kept confidential?

Yes, by law (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or “HIPAA”) all records are kept strictly confidential..

How long will it take to get the results of my home sleep test?

The day after we receive the sleep testing device. We will review your test results and upload a detailed report with a letter of explanation to a secure web portal for convenient access by you, your physician or whoever has permission.

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