Elara Full Face CPAP Mask


  • Ergonomically Designed
    Ultra-soft cushion maximizes patient comfort and conforms to facial contour for superior sealing ability
  • Easy On / Easy Off
    Quick release headgear clip for simple attachment and removal
  • Freedom of Movement
    Designed with a 360-degree dual-swivel elbow (dual-swivel means the tube of the elbow also swivels axially along the axis of the tubing to minimize tube kinking, and the mask end of the elbow swivels radially around the mask connection point )
  • Integrated Oxygen Port
    1/8″ oxygen port allows for oxygen tube connection directly into mask
  • Vent Cover / Diffuser
    Covered vent channels the air down the outside of the tube
  • Anti-asphyxia Valve
    If your CPAP machine shuts off during the night, the valve opens large fresh air holes in the elbow, allowing fresh air into the mask

One of the lightest full-face masks on the market. The unique cushion design promotes a confident seal without needing a forehead brace. The Elara only has a few components so it is easy to clean, assemble and use!

30-Night Replacement Mask Guarantee

Finding the perfect mask is sometimes difficult when just getting started with cpap therapy. That’s why we’ve taken the hassle out of it by offering our clients a no hassle 30 day replacement mask guarantee. Get started today to the road of better sleep and a better life.