Why Replace CPAP parts?

Many CPAP and BiPAP users don’t realize that most of the supplies associated with sleep therapy are designed to be disposable. Masks, tubing, filters, and headgear are not designed to last extreme amounts of time, and using them past their recommended life span can actually jeopardize your CPAP therapy. Delicate silicone mask cushions can develop leaks, clogged filters can allow dust and pollen to be delivered into your airway, and over-stretched headgear can require extreme tightening, causing pressure point pain.

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  • Cushions breakdown and lose seal over time.
  • Frequent cleanings with proper disinfectants will increase the life of your cushion.



6 to 9 Months

  • Over time headgear stretches out requiring over tightening to keep your mask in place.
  • The more you wash headgear the more the elastic wears out.



3 Months

  • Detach hose by pulling on the rubber end, to prevent wear to the cusp.
  • Mineral deposits build up and compromise air quality.

Humidifier Chambers


6 Months to a year

  • Mineral deposit is unsanitary and irritating to sinuses.
  • Use distilled water. Empty your chamber each morning increases life of chamber.

Reusable Filters


6 Months

  • Reusable filters are meant to be rinsed and reused, but not for longer than six months.
  • New filters mean cleaner, higher quality air intake.

Fine Filters



  • Fine filters can’t be washed, only replaced.
  • Since these filters catch fine particles, they must be changed more frequently.