• FAST – Cleans in 35 minutes using ozone (activated oxygen)
  • EASY – Requires no soap, water, cleaning solutions
  • PORTABLE – Weights only one-half pound. Great for traveling
  • RISK-FREE – No risk to CPAP machine warranty
  • ADAPTER-FREE – No special hose adapters needed
  • QUIET – Ultra-quiet while it disinfects
  • AUTOMATIC – Automatic cleaning cycle
  • RECHARGEABLE – Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • FAST-CHARGING – 2 hour charging time
  • SIMPLE – Requires no maintenance like other devices

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Clean sleep accessories as easy as 1-2-3 with VirtuClean 2.0

Safe & Effective Cleaning with Ozone

The VirtuCLEAN 2.0 can be used to clean your CPAP equipment every day so you’ll go to sleep each night knowing your sleep therapy routine is the germ, virus, and bacteria-free! VirtuCLEAN 2.0 uses Ozone — a powerful, natural cleaning agent — to thoroughly clean and disinfect without water or harsh, smelly chemicals.

Kills 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria in Only 30 Minutes!

Ozone also is known as Activated Oxygen has been used in hospitals, food production, and water purification for many years. It is created when a third atom of oxygen combines with the two-atom oxygen molecule that makes up the air we breathe. The VirtuCLEAN Cleaner generates Ozone from room air and pumps it through your CPAP equipment to destroy molds, bacteria, and viruses. VirtuClean requires no soap, water, cleaning solutions, filters, adapters, or on-going maintenance.

Small & Hassle-Free

Weighing in at only half a pound, the VirtuCLEAN 2.0 is ideal for use at home and on the go. It can be stored easily in a bedside table drawer, overnight bag, purse or backpack.

Helpful Hints

Each time the device is turned on, it will tell you the total times cleaned, and the total hours used and times in the last 7 days to ensure regular cleaning.


Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria in your CPAP/Bi-Level equipment in only 30-minutes.

How it works

VirtuClean 2.0 FAQ

Using ozone technology the VirtuCLEAN 2.0 cleans your sleep machine helping you clean the hard to reach places killing germs and bacteria.

A fully charged battery will last you approximately 4-5 full cleaning cycles (4-5 days).

We recommend that the bag be replaced 1 time per year and the filter be replaced every 6 months. The bag includes a filter so you will only need to purchase this 1 time per year.

Sleep machines are prone to germs and mold to grow and can expose you constantly breathing in those germs and bacteria which is bad for your health.

We recommend that you clean your tubing and mask every day and your CPAP humidifier chamber once a week.

Customer Testimonials

I love this machine. I used to wash by hand and it was a pain. This is easy and great.

Linda Cotton

I use it every other day on my Sleep hose and so far it does what it supposed to do. Surely beats having to clean by hand! Great Investment!

Mark Bridges

The staff at ISD worked beyond the call of duty to help me with the questions I had before and after testing. Thanks again ISD for a job well done.

Julius Phillips

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